Car Barn 427 - GRADUATE SCHOOL Conference Room

Car Barn 427 - GRADUATE SCHOOL Conference Room

Location:   Car Barn, Room 427  (3520 Prospect Street, N.W.)

Hours:     9:15 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. Monday-Friday
                   (not available evenings, weekends, University holidays, and as available in the University Calendar)

Maximum Occupancy for your Event:  30 people

Online Calendar:  none (yet).  Please see the Reservation procedures at the bottom of this page

Guidelines for Use of Car Barn 427 - GRADUATE SCHOOL Conference Room


The Car Barn 427 - Graduate School Conference Room (Car Barn, Room 427), is available for use by University organizations, faculty and staff (when not otherwise needed for Graduate School use).  A Georgetown University faculty or staff member must make the reservation for a student organization and the faculty or staff person making the reservation must be present at the event to ensure that all the policies for use are followed.  The faculty / staff person is the responsible person for that event.

Check the Car Barn 427 - Graduate School Conference Room calendar at the bottom of web page for general availability.  You will not be able to request this room directly from this calendar, but you can see when it is available. To reserve this room, send a request to Rick Pike (

Hours for Use

The Graduate School Conference Room is only available for use from 9:15 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday only (and is not available evenings, weekends, or University holidays), and as otherwise available during these times.  Car Barn 427 is intended as a conference and meeting room, and should not be scheduled as a recurring class meeting space.

Group Size and Seating

The Car Barn 427 - Graduate School Conference Room is intended for groups larger than 12 people (smaller groups should reserve the Car Barn 101  or Car Barn 230 Conference Room.  Car Barn 427 conference room has a central boardroom-style table that seats up to 30 people in a U-shape format.  The tables can be reconfigured slightly (for example, into a hollow square or as two separate tables), but MUST BE put back into the U-shaped arrangement at the end of your meeting.

The room faces south overlooking Key Bridge and Rosslyn, and is very bright on sunny days — there are shades that can be lowered to darken the room somewhat.  If your raise the shades during your meeting, you should lower them back at the end of your meeting. Keeping the shades lowered helps to keep the temperature controlled.

Conference Room Amenities

Please note that Graduate School staff cannot provide any type of AV setup or support for users, and that CETS does not support this space. This above equipment is provided as a courtesy to users of Car Barn 427 Conference Room.  Users may come to the conference room before their event when not in use to test their equipment in advance of their meeting.

Cleanup Checklist

All users of the Car Barn 427 Conference Room MUST ensure that the following are done at the conclusion of their meeting:

Any other questions about use of Car Barn 427 Conference Room should be directed to Rick Pike (

TO RESERVE the Car Barn 427 Conference Room:   There is not a publicly visible calendar for this room (yet).  Send an email to Rick Pike ( and let him know the date and times of your event, and your approximate number of attendees.    Rick and/or the Graduate Deans Office staff will then review and accept your invitation if we can approve the event reservation (if not, you will be contacted to reschedule).   If approved, they will enter the event into the Car Barn 427 Conference Room calendar with your meeting title and name, and they will invite you to the meeting so that you can see the reservation in your GU Calendar.  If you decide you no longer need to use the room, or if you need to reschedule it, please contact Rick Pike ( to change the reservation and make the original time/date available to others.  

Please make sure that your users keep the room clean, dispose of trash properly, and re-arrange the chairs when finished — this will keep you in good standing for future reservation and keep it ready for use by the next user.