FAQ - Frequently Asked questions


How can I see GRE or TOEFL scores for an applicant?

  • In COGNOS, you can run the Applicant Profile Report or Applicant Test Scores Report. In Banner, navigate to SOATEST.

I have entered a decision rating for an applicant. How do I see what ratings I have entered?

  • In COGNOS, run the Department Record of Action Report.

What is the evaluation process after I enter the decision rating for an applicant?

  • The departmental rating appears on the Record of Action decision report run by the Graduate School.
  • The Graduate School conducts a final review, regardless of the type of decision entered by the department. Graduate Admissions then reviews the applicant materials and transcripts, confirming that the student meets minimum admission requirements (e.g., 3.0 GPA, English language proficiency).
  • The appropriate decision letter is assigned to the applicant. The applicant will get an e-mail informing him/her that their decision is ready for them to view online.

Please work with your admissions contact to coordinate decision processing.

How can I see if an applicant has returned his or her enrollment confirmation form?

  • In Cognos, run the Applicant Listing or Department Record of Action report, making sure that the decision criteria is set to '"IM"' (Intends to Matriculate).

What is the process for an applicant deferring enrollment?

  • The applicant should complete a deferral request form and send it to Graduate Admissions.
  • Your admissions contact will ask you to approve or deny the deferral request by entering a decision into Banner.
  • The Graduate School will notify the applicant of the deferral approval or denial based on the program's decision rating.


Questions to ask:

When did you last log into Banner Admissions / COGNOS?

  • Your account could be inactive. Contact the UIS Service HelpDesk for verification of your account by calling: (202) 687-4949

How do I start Banner Admin Pages?

  • Be sure to log into the Cisco Anyconnect VPN prior to opening Banner.
  • Once you are connected to the VPN, you can access the Banner Admin Pages at: https://bn-admin.uis.georgetown.edu/

How do I start Cognos Reports?

  • You do not need to connect to the VPN for Cognos Repors (although it doesn't matter if you have it connected or not).
  • You can access COGNOS Reports at: https://gureports.georgetown.edu.

What do I do if I can't log in?

  • Contact the UIS Service HelpDesk to open a trouble ticket. Call them at (202) 687-4949 or email at: help@georgetown.edu.

When should I inactivate an account for staff and student employees?

  • Any time staff, faculty, or students go on a short-term leave of absence or complete their term of employment with the University, the Department contact should either inactivate (temporarily) or delete (permanently) the Banner / COGNOS account for the user.
  • Follow-up on these accounts is critical to system security, particularly as web access allows for anyone with an active account to access confidential information.

Inactivate a Banner / COGNOS account temporarily when:

  • Faculty or staff go on sabbatical or medical leave.
  • Students returning to work for a second year will be away for a semester or the summer.

Delete a Banner / COGNOS account permanently when:

  • Staff and students terminate their employment with Georgetown University.
  • Staff change positions or no longer use the systems in their jobs.

To inactivate, reactivate, or delete a Banner/Cognos account:

Other unanswered questions?

  • For Banner/Cognos login questions, contact the UIS Service HelpDesk at (202) 687-4949 or help@georgetown.edu.
  • For admission process questions and ApplyYourself login issues, call or e-mail your program's Graduate Admissions Contact in the Graduate School and we will be glad to assist you!