Accounts & Passwords

REQUESTING A NEW BANNER / COGNOS / or SLATE ADMISSIONS Account (for Student Admissions use) and LOGIN FAQS

Step 1. FIRST - COMPLETE ONLINE FERPA TRAINING COURSE (15-20 minutes). ALL USERS of Banner, Cognos, and Slate Admissions must complete a brief online GU FERPA TRAINING through EVERFI. If you have NOT YET completed this online FERPA training in the past 2 years (or if you can't remember), please send a request for a link to the GU FERPA TRAINING to This online training takes about 15-20 minutes. Once you have completed the online FERPA training, continue with Step 2.

Step 2. ANYCONNECT VPN: Make sure your computer has access to Georgetown's Cisco AnyConnect VPN. Your will need it turned on in advance in order to access Student information systems websites such as Banner or Cognos. If you do not have it installed, click on the Cisco AnyConnect VPN link to download and install it on the computers from which you will be accessing Banner and/or Cognos.

Step 3: DOWNLOAD THE FORM(S) YOU NEED: to request accounts for various Graduate Student Admissions use, you will need to submit separate forms for each system requested:

For BANNER AND COGNOS download the form(s) and save it for later use (follow the steps below)

For SLATE GRADUATE ADMISSIONS Download the form and save it for later use (follow the steps below)

Step 4. COMPLETE THE FORM: open the Banner or Cognos or Slate Admissions form that you downloaded. Complete the form (except for the fields marked "Data Steward Use," read the data security and confidentiality agreement on form itself (and other data security policies that can be found on the University Information Security Office web page). Make sure you check GRADUATE ADMISSIONS and GRADUATE SCHOOL of ARTS & SCIENCES.

Step 5. SIGN THE FORM: Sign the form and then have your supervisor (or manager, department chair, program director) review and sign the form. You and your supervisor / manager should insert a graphic image of your signature into the form.

Note: If you are part of the Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) Group, you ALSO NEED to have the Director for Biomedical Graduate Education (Elizabeth Song) approve your form(s) , along with your supervisor. If you are unsure of what is needed, contact your BGE staff.

Step 6A. EMAIL THE COMPLETED BANNER / COGNOS FORM TO THE GRAD SCHOOL: After the Banner or Cognos form is completed and signed, email it to Rick Pike at the Graduate School at: (Subject: Banner/COGNOS) for processing and submission to the Registrar Student System team.

Step 6B. EMAIL THE COMPLETED SLATE ADMISSIONS FORM TO GRAD ADMISSIONS: Slate Admissions forms only should be be scanned and sent directly to Graduate Admissions at: (Subject: Slate Admissions form) for processing.

STEP 7. GRAD SCHOOL REVIEW. Graduate School staff and the Graduate Admissions Data Steward (Rick Pike) will review the Banner and Cognos forms, and add in any data or information required for the Graduate Admissions component of your account request. The form will then be sent to the Registrar's Student Systems team for final approvals and creation of the account(s).

Note: If there are other sections on your Banner / Cognos account form that you have requested other than Graduate Admissions, the Registrar's Student Systems team will have to contact that Data Steward for those other data areas for their authorization before your request will be processed.

STEP 8. REGISTRAR OFFICE ACCOUNT SETUP. New account users will be contacted (e-mailed or called) shortly after submission by the Registrar's Office (usually within 3-5 working days) with notification that their account is active, with information on how to login with a temporary password, and how to change it to a permanent password. Remember that Banner and Cognos must always be used with the Cisco AnyConnect VPN connected and logged in or you will get startup errors.

Note: If you have not completed the FERPA training described in Step 2, your request will be rejected, so make sure you have completed the online training PRIOR to submitting the form to the Graduate School for processing.



On the Registrar's Forms page, located at: you can download forms for: Banner (Admin Pages), Cognos, as well as for MyAccess (for staff/administrations, non-faculty), and MyDegree under the "Systems Access" dropdown section. Note: New Faculty requiring access to MyAccess should submit the online New Faculty Access Permission form.

If you already have Banner / Cognos access for Graduate Admissions, then these forms should be emailed or scanned and sent directly to the the University Registrar's Office for processing. Send to: . Note: The Graduate School DOES NOT review or approve general academic accounts for Banner, Cognos, MyAccess, etc.


If you already have Banner / Cognos for Graduate Admissions and you need to make changes to it --- for example, a name change, or changing to a new department / program, or a new position that doesn't require access to Banner / Cognos, you should complete a new Banner, Cognos, or Slate form and submit it. Send these to the Graduate School Data Steward (Rick Pike, for review and processing.

Note: be sure to indicate on the form, under Type of Request the change (modify existing account, reassignment to a new department, change in responsibilities, other, etc.) and provide a reason if required.


  • Download and complete the appropriate form (listed in Step #3) and sign, complete, and send it to the Graduate School for processing (as detailed in Step #6A / #6B above).

For reactivations, the Registrar's Student System team will contact you directly with information about your Banner and/or Cognos account. The Graduate School will contact you about reactivating a Slate Admissions account.


Questions to ask YOURSELF:

When did you last log into Banner Admissions / COGNOS?

  • Your account could be inactive. Contact the UIS Service Desk ( or (202) 687-4949) for verification of your account.

How do I start Banner or COGNOS?

  • Be sure to log into the Cisco Anyconnect VPN prior to opening Banner or COGNOS.

  • Once you are connected to the VPN, you can access the Banner Administrative Pages system at:

What do I do if I can't log in?

  • Contact the UIS Service Desk to open a trouble ticket. Email them at or call them at (202) 687-4949.

When should I inactivate an account for staff and student employees?

  • Anytime staff, faculty, or students go on a short-term leave of absence or complete their term of employment with the University, the Department/Program coordinator should inactivate (temporarily) or delete (permanently) the Banner / COGNOS/ SLATE accounts for the user. To do this, fill out a NEW Banner or Cognos or SLATE form and send to the Graduate School. In addition, send a copy of the NEW Banner / Cognos form to so that all other accounts can be inactivated or deleted.

  • Follow-up on these accounts is critical to system security, particularly as web access allows for anyone with an active account to access confidential information.

Inactivate a Banner / COGNOS account temporarily when:

  • Faculty or staff go on sabbatical or medical leave.

  • Students returning to work for a second year will be away for a semester or the summer.

Delete a Banner / COGNOS account permanently when:

  • Staff and students terminate their employment with GU.

  • Staff change positions or no longer use the systems in their jobs.

To inactivate, reactivate, or delete a Banner / Cognos / Slate account:

  • Download and complete the appropriate form (listed in Step #3) and sign, complete, and send it to the Graduate School for processing (as detailed above).

  • For reactivations, the Registrar Student System team will contact you directly with information about your Banner and/or Cognos account. The Graduate School will contact you about your Slate Admissions account.

Questions about Georgetown's Student Systems:

  • If you have any specific questions about any of Georgetown's Student Systems, please send an email directly to the Registrar Student System team at: