Hiring Graduate Students

Hiring Graduate Students

When hiring graduate students in research assistant, teaching assistant, and teaching associate positions , please be sure to check with the student’s primary department in order to ensure that the student is permitted to work. Also, please be sure to carefully read the scenarios below differentiating between Primary Assistantships and Hourly Graduate Student Assistant appointments.

Once a candidate has been selected, the hiring department must extend a formal offer letter (template: Student Hiring Offer Letter Template) and a Confidentiality Agreement (template: Confidentiality Agreement Form) to the candidate; both documents must be submitted to the Student Employment Office in addition to the Hoya Hiring Form.

Scenario 1: Primary Assistantship - Ph.D. Only

Scenario 2: Hourly Graduate Student Assistant Appointment - Ph.D. and/or Masters

Advertising & Offering Graduate Student Positions

In order to advertise for an approved Graduate Student Assistant hourly job, review the information provided under Hiring Resources. The hiring department must then submit the below form to the Graduate School for review and approval:

Graduate Student Position Request Form **

Upon submission, the Graduate School will review the proposed position listing and will contact the hiring department and the Student Employment Office with feedback and/or approval.

If approved, the position must be posted on HoyaWorks for a minimum of 5 days before an offer can be extended.

** If you are advertising for a Primary Assistantship (Scenario 1) position for unfunded PhD students during the academic year or for PhD students teaching for SCS over the summer, you must still advertise these positions for 5 days. Please post positions or “call for applications”  in a public university / departmental website.


International students are limited by immigration law to a combined total of 20 hours of work per week during the normal academic year. This number is absolute and, by law, CANNOT be averaged or reported later. During official university holidays and breaks, they may work full-time. If you have additional questions about regulations for international students, please contact the Office of Global Services.

Ph.D. assistantships occupy up to 15 hours per week. Students may assume a secondary hourly role or clerical student position up to 5 hours per week. Graduate students may not exceed a combined total of 20 hours a week working at Georgetown. When you create a work agreement, please ensure that the hours listed are accurate. This is extremely important in the case of international students, where the hours listed in the award letters and work agreements are considered the official level of commitment. 

It is imperative that you talk with Office of Global Services (OGS) staff if you are planning to hire an international student to ensure that all necessary procedures are followed to avoid serious penalties.

Also, see Guidelines for On-Campus Employment  for I-9 information for international students.