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The Tax Department at Georgetown University is the University's official voice on tax issues. They also process non-service stipend awards for international students. The Tax Department can provide some general information on how taxes may affect scholarship and stipend awards (service and non-service).

Non-Service Stipends: Those earnings do not appear on a W-2 and Georgetown does not print any other documentation to show the earnings. The only document the student will have is the award letter.

Supplier Setup: Payments to Non-US Citizens: The Tax Department has a process for international students to set up their supplier ID. This information is available at:

Once the student has reviewed the website, the required documents and forms must be securely uploaded to:

Once the student has confirmed the supplier ID with Lawrence Smith, s/he must enter his/her banking information via the ACH link:

Taxes on Student Accounts: Tax is assessed to the student account of international students whose scholarship awards exceed their tuition and fees. For this reason, it is important for programs, particularly those that award full tuition, to be precise in the amount awarded as scholarship. Any over award will result in an automatic tax to be charged to their account. If this happens, you will need to inform the Graduate School so that the scholarship can be adjusted down. Afterwards, the student should speak with the GU Tax Department about adjusting the tax charge accordingly.


Assistantship (Service) Stipend payments are distributed through Payroll. As of January 3, 20011 students on assistantship may see their earings and employment information online using GMS. They should visit, and login using their NetID and NetID password. W-2 information is also available there.

If a student has questions about his/her W-2 form, s/he may contact Payroll. Please note: Non-service stipends are not reported on the W-2.


Non-service stipend payments for students that are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are routed through Accounts Payable. The system currently used by Accounts Payable is not related to the Payroll system (GMS). Therefore, if a student switches between service and non-service stipends, they may have to set up direct deposit in the other system. Also, their payment distribution dates may change slightly.

Students that are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and wish to set up direct deposit may do so through the supplier ID portal.

Please note that non-service stipends for international students are processed through the GU Tax Department.


The Office of Global Services has created a website with important information for graduate students and their program administrators and directors. It is important for all parties to become familiar with the resources available through this office as well as the policies in place.


The Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS) administers need-based aid to the entire student body at Georgetown University, including graduate students. If students have questions related to need-based aid (e.g., applying for / accepting loans, FAFSA, updating need-based aid information) please have them contact the appropriate financial aid counselor.


The Office of Billing & Payment Services handles the billing for all university students. Should students have questions about certain charges assessed to their accounts, billing, due dates, etc. they may speak with a representative at this office.

Students may view and pay their bills online at any time through the GMS website.

*If students have questions about their scholarships, they should talk with their academic program first and, if needed, with the Graduate School.


The Student Health Insurance office provides information on student health insurance, including details regarding the plans available, plan rates, duration of coverage, and enrollment eligibility requirements.

Most graduate students registered at Georgetown University in thesis research or registered for eight or more credit hours in a Georgetown degree program are eligible and required to enroll in a Georgetown University student health insurance plan, unless their other insurance coverage meets specific University requirements.

The charge for Georgetown's individual health insurance plan is automatically assessed to students' accounts when they enroll in an eligible section of thesis research OR when they enroll in the eligible number of credit hours.

Students must use GMS to waive or confirm the health insurance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Funded graduate students must inform their respective academic program and the Graduate School should they elect to waive health insurance coverage.