Car Barn Patio and Pavilion

Car Barn 4th Floor Patio – Outdoor Space

Location: Car Barn, 4th Floor Patio and Pavilion (3520 Prospect Street, N.W.)

Hours: 7:30 a.m. – ~7:30 p.m. Monday-Friday
(not available evenings, weekends or University holidays)

The Car Barn 4th Floor Patio and Pavilion space (outdoor patio and covered pavilion in the center of the patio) is available for use by faculty and staff, and University student organizations for University-sanctioned events. A faculty or staff sponsor must make the reservation for a student organization and the faculty or staff person making the reservation must be present throughout the entire event to ensure that all the policies for use are followed. The faculty / staff person is the responsible person for that event.

The Car Barn 4th Floor Patio and Pavilion is available for use only from 7:30 a.m. until approx. 7:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (not available late evenings, weekends, or University holidays, and only as available during these times). Also, please note that this location is not available for private usage or rental to outside organizations or individuals.

This area is a large outdoor patio with a raised, covered Pavilion. It can be used for outdoor gatherings and receptions by University organizations, and is heavily used by many groups during the weeks leading up to and after Graduation / Commencement each May. It is also used throughout the summer, and again heavily in the early Fall. The covered pavilion can be used for food/beverage preparation or service. There are power outlets available, but no running water in this space. The patio is U-shaped, with the central area containing the raised Pavilion. The outdoor patio is fully handicap-accessible through the Prospect Street lobby and side door and via the M Street lobby. The raised Pavilion IS NOT handicap-accessible – it has approx. 8 steep steps up to the covered Pavilion. The Patio is lit by bright street lamps that turn on automatically, and the Pavilion has ceiling lights that are controlled by slider switches just inside the door next to the Prospect Street elevator.

NEW! Tables and chairs have been added to the upper Pavilion area. They are not to be removed from the upper level. They can be re-arranged, as long as they are put back approximately as before. Please note you may have to ask students to move from the area as you setup your event, and during the event. If you have not seen the new tables / chairs, please go look at the upper pavilion. Contact GEMS - Georgetown Event Management group if you need additional information about table / chair rental, alcohol policies, alternate spaces, etc.

No tents or other structures are allowed to be erected on the Car Barn patio due to the potential damage the tent poles can make on the roof top pavers. In addition, the Car Barn rooftop is subject to extremely strong winds during thunderstorms, and is exposed to lightning.

Users of the Car Barn 4th Floor Patio and Pavilion should be aware that this is a relatively noisy area — frequent overhead airplanes landing at the nearby airport, street traffic and noise from Prospect Street, M Street, and Key Bridge, and other noises found in an urban environment. The Patio is also part of an active pathway from Prospect Street into the Car Barn and to the offices of the Graduate School (Suite 400) — and this must be maintained during any event.

If alcohol is served or provided during your event, University policies regarding age verification (id, wristbanding, etc.) and crowd control must be followed. These differ depending on the size of your event. Please review the following link for additional information:

There are some outdoor power outlets available scattered around the patio area along walls, and some power connection on the upper Pavilion. The area is not wired for sound, nor is there any running water or disposal available. There is no indoor kitchen or other indoor food prep areas available. Suggested area for food prep is on the east side of the building, near the entrance to the air-handler room — fabric partitions/screens can be erected, if desired.

IMPORTANT: A requirement of all users of the 4th Floor Patio and Pavilion is that you MUST provide (or rent/purchase) disposable trash cans (check with GUFacilities, GEMS - Georgetown Event Management Services, or your caterer) and remove them at the end of the event - OR - you or your caterer / vendor must haul away all trash cans/trash bags at the end of the event. This includes trash from the stationary trash cans on the patio and upper pavilion. No trash can be left on the Car Barn patio at the end of the event. Because this is an open area, dogs, raccoons, and rats will tear open the bags and scatter trash if left overnight,and the trash will be blown into neighboring yards, the street, and will attract even more animals.

All users of the Car Barn 4th Floor Patio and Pavilion must provide adequate trash cans and waste receptacles, and must thoroughly clean up after their function, placing any trash into receptacles, picking up loose items and trash, and wiping up any spills, dropped food, or other substances. Any patio chairs or tables that were moved out of position should be straightened up, and put back into approximately the original configuration.

If chairs and tables were rented, they may be stacked up near the Prospect Street wall (near, but not blocking, the Emergency Exit Gate) for pickup the next business day (as soon as possible). Failure to clean up or re-arrange the area after use will result in loss of future privileges. All events should be considerate of the academic and administrative activities that take place in the Car Barn, and especially of nearby neighbors. Amplified sound or music must be maintained at reasonable levels the entire time, and especially after 7pm.

The closest restrooms to the Car Barn patio/pavilion are located on the lower floors of the Car Barn. Take the elevator from inside the Prospect Street lobby to the 2nd floor, and exit to the right, near the vending machines. Other restrooms are located on the 1st Floor. (The restrooms on the 3rd floor are at the opposite end of the building and are quite distant from the Prospect Street elevators).

Please make sure that your users keep the space clean, dispose of trash properly as described above, and re-arrange the picnic tables, trash cans, and other patio items when finished — this will keep you in good standing for future reservations, and have this space available for the next users.


All users of the Car Barn Patio / Pavilion must ensure that the following cleanup is done at the conclusion of their event:

  • Place any trash and garbage into sealed trash bags and remove from the Patio/Pavilion. This includes emptying the permanent trash cans and bagging the trash contents from those. Caterers, vendors, or organizers are responsible for removing All trash generated from their event at the conclusion of the event. All trash must be removed from the Car Barn patio at the end of the event and cannot be left overnight.

  • Remove all rented tables / chairs and equipment at the conclusion of your event. Rented tables and chairs can be neatly stacked near (but not blocking) the Prospect Street Emergency Exit Gate for pickup the next morning, if needed.

  • The metal and wooden picnic benches on the patio should be returned to their approximate locations around the patio if you have moved or regrouped them for your event. Move all picnic tables away from walls. Tables and chairs on the upper Pavilion should be redistributed on the upper Pavilion if they have been moved.

  • If you have moved the large flower planters, these should be returned to their original positions.

  • Make sure all metal gates to the street are closed and secured.

  • Remove any posted signs or information from the Patio / Pavilion or lobby area, and remove any directional signs posted outside the area.

  • If you notice anything broken or damaged, or have encountered any problems, issues, or malfunctioning items on the Patio/Pavilion, please report it to Rick Pike at .

Failure to cleanup or re-arrange the Car Barn Patio/Pavilion after use will result in loss of future privileges.

Any other questions about use of the Car Barn Patio/Pavilion should be directed to Rick Pike (

For more information about using the Car Barn 4th Floor Patio and Pavilion, please contact Rick Pike ( or Grad Dean staff at


There is not a publicly visible calendar for this area (yet). Send an email to Rick Pike ( or to Grad Dean staff at and let them know:

  • proposed date(s) / time(s) of your event -- during peak seasons in the Spring and Fall, provide multiple dates;

  • name of the event, department affiliated with it, and point of contact;

  • approx. number of attendees;

  • if food / alcohol be served;

Rick or the GradDean staff will then accept your invitation if we can approve the event reservation (if not, you will be contacted to reschedule). If approved, they will enter the event into the Car Barn Patio / Pavilion calendar with your meeting title and name, and they will invite you to the meeting so that you can see the reservation in your personal GU Calendar. If you decide you no longer need to use the space or if you need to reschedule it, please contact Rick ( or Grad Dean staff at to change the reservation and make the original time/date available to others.