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Requesting a New Banner / COGNOS / or Hobsons-Apply Yourself AY Account (for Student Admissions use)

To request an account for Student Admissions use, we are required (unfortunately) to submit separate forms:

  • Print the form, read the data security policies on the UISO “Policies” web page and the Confidentialty Agreement on the reverse, sign the form, and then have your supervisor or department chair/program director countersign the form.
  • If you are part of the Biomedical Group, you also need to have Elizabeth Song, Director for Biomedical Graduate Education, sign the form as well, along with your supervisor.
  • You should scan the file after it is completed and signed, and email it to Rick Pike at the Graduate School at: (Subject: Banner/COGNOS/AY). You can also fax the form to: 202-687-6802 or send to/drop off at the Graduate School in Car Barn, Suite 400 (Attn: Rick Pike - BANNER) for processing.
  • Graduate School staff will review and submit the form for final approval by the Admissions Data Steward (Jennifer Hunt/Rick Pike).
  • Once approved by the Admissions Data Steward, the form is sent to UIS for review and creation of account(s).
  • New account users will be contacted (e-mailed or called) shortly after submission to UIS (usually within 3-4 working days) with notification that their account is active, with information on how to login with a temporary password and how to change it to a permanent password.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are requesting a Banner or Cognos User Account for general academic administration purposes (not Graduate Admissions related) you should download the appropriate forms from (click on Banner Account Authorization Forms) and send them directly to the Registrar's Office for review, authorization, and approval. The Graduate School does not have authorization to approve general academic accounts.

Help! -- I Can't Log into Banner / COGNOS FAQs

Questions to ask:

  • When did you last log into Banner Admissions / COGNOS?        Your account could be inactive. Contact the UIS helpdesk for verification of your account at (202) 687-4949
  • How do I start Banner or COGNOS?
  • Be sure to log into the Cisco Anyconnect VPN prior to opening Banner or COGNOS.
  • What do I do if I can't log in?

       Contact the UIS Helpdesk to open a trouble ticket. Call them at (202) 687-4949 or

  • When should I inactivate an account for staff and student employees?

       Anytime staff, faculty, or students go on a short-term leave of absence or complete their term of employment with the University, the Department contact should either inactivate (temporarily) or delete (permanently) the Banner / COGNOS account for the user.

       Follow-up on these accounts is critical to system security, particularly as web access allows for anyone with an active account to access confidential information.

Inactivate a Banner / COGNOS account temporarily when:

  • Faculty or staff go on sabbatical or medical leave.
  • Students returning to work for a second year will be away for a semester or the summer.

Delete a Banner / COGNOS account permanently when:

  • Staff and students terminate their employment with GU.
  • Staff change positions or no longer use the systems in their jobs.

To inactivate, reactivate, or delete a Banner/Cognos account:

  • Download and complete the appropriate form (listed above) and sign, complete, and send it to the Graduate School for processing (as detailed above).
  • (For reactivations, UIS will contact you directly with information about your Banner and/or COGNOS account. The Graduate School will contact you about your Hobsons-AY account)


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